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Picture of Chelsea, founder of Priceless Bakes holding a tray full of cookies

About Chelsea

Welcome to Priceless BakesI am so happy you are here!

Hi, I’m Chelsea, creator behind all things Priceless Bakes where decadent desserts are my main goal. From salted caramel skillet cookies to brown butter apple pie and everything in between, I believe that baking is the purest form of magic and can solve most problems. Baking is deeply rooted in my life as I grew up watching my mom, grandmas, and great grandma create magical moments with meager ingredients.


My recipes stem from memories in their kitchens, but with a modern updated twist. I enjoy the creativity found in combining my favorite memories with new flavors to share with others. 

Priceless Bakes began as a way to share my love of baking with my small children during the cold, winter months. It has since evolved into creating modern, yet nostalgic recipes for my readers and followers, developing original recipes for brands and collaborating with bakeries to make signature treats. 

Here at Priceless Bakes, you will find mostly indulgent recipes with a sprinkling of savory bites. I will always share baking science and dive deeper into recipe creation. So, whether you are a novice baker or thoroughly seasoned, together, we can create delectable treats in your kitchen. 

Again, I am so happy you found me. Leave me a message and let’s connect on social media. Please share your priceless baking moments by tagging me.

Happy Baking,


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