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Apple Cider Brownies

Apple Cider bars that are gooey and chewy with the flavors of fall.

While the classic brownie will always be my favorite, I was looking for a chewy bar that would taste like fall. Apple Cider brownies with all the warm spices of fall and a drizzle of salted caramel may just be this fall's winning recipe.

"Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile." - Anna Olson

This recipe starts with an apple cider syrup, which is obtained by combining a cup of apple cider (get the good stuff from a local grocery store or farmers market) and a 1/4 c or brown sugar. we cook this in a sauce pan over medium low heat till it reduces down to half and is thick and sticky. It is so potent and I swear the next best thing to caramel sauce. Let it cool down a bit before adding to the rest of the ingredients.

Now, these brownies don't have any chocolate in them, so you may be wondering why I am calling them brownies instead of blondies. Well brownies are typically thick, dense, chewy and gooey. While a blondie is thick and more like a cake. These apple cider brownies are thick and chewy and gooey and resemble more a classic brownie texture than a blondie.

One trick I like to do when making a brownie is to mix the sugar with hot butter. You can do this by either mixing the sugar and butter together in a sauce pan till everything melts and the sugar crystals dissolve. Or, if you are lazy like me and don't like washing unnecessary dishes, you can combine the butter and sugar to a glass bowl and microwave for 30 second increments, stirring vigorously till for a minute and a half.

Add in the eggs while stirring as to temper the sugar and not scramble the eggs. This will also give the brownies that pretty craggily top we all love.

So lets get to it, shall we?


Apple Cider Brownie Recipe


1 c quality apple cider

1/4 c brown sugar

Add to a small sauce pan. Simmer on medium low for 15 minutes , stirring occasionally, or till mixture thickens and reduces to half. take off heat and allow to cool off a little

1/2 c butter melted

1 c granulated sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp apple pie spice

the Apple cider syrup

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1 c flour

3 TBSP your favorite salted caramel sauce

Preheat oven to 350 f (180 c)

To a large glass bowl add in butter and sugar. Microwave this for 30 second increments 3 separate times stirring in-between each microwave segment.

Add in salt, apple pie spice and apple cider syrup. Mix well then add in vanilla and the eggs and whisk quickly to be sure not to get scrambled eggs.

Add in the flour and be sure not to over mix at this point. When you see ribbons of flour stop stirring.

Prepare an 8x8 pan with parchment and cooking spray. Add in batter and smooth out. Drizzle top with caramel sauce and make a cool design. Bake at 350 f (180c) for 15 minutes or till the center doesn't giggle and a stick comes out with soft crumbs. Top with some powdered sugar and ice cream and watch your guests faces light up as they take the first bite. Happy Baking


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