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Recipes Development

Recipe development is more than just throwing a few ingredients together. It’s a combination of method, science, and flavor profile. It involves getting into the reader's/viewer’s mind and provoking a need they didn’t even know they had.


Priceless Bakes develops decadent recipes for food brands, bakeries, and restaurants to create a relationship between them and the consumer. Developing a memorable recipe that evokes positive emotion will create brand loyalty and keep the consumer coming back time after time. Whether you are a chocolate company or a local bakery. The consumer will now think of you when they are craving a specific treat and know they can count on it to bring back sweet memories.

Please email Chelsea Price to discuss details and inquire about pricing.

Image of a load of bread on a table
Baking Dough on a wooden table
Picture of a muffin on a plate with chocolate drizzling on top
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